Online Casino or Land-based?

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It is a question that many casino fans ask. Where should they play? Which might be better? Which casino has the best product to offer legally, of course, and only if you are over 21 years old? Better in the traditional casino or one of the online casinos? The answer is clear, and the scales tip overwhelmingly towards online casinos. The reasons are many, and we give them to you as a conclusion to this guide that we believe has shed a lot of light on any questions you may have had about legal online casinos.

Wide variety of games

It’s clear that the range of games is much greater on the internet than you’ll find on land. Thousands of options are available, either on just one platform or switching with a click on your computer or mobile to go from one casino to another. Looking for a bookmark and can’t find it where you are registered. You register at another online casino, and the issue is solved. You want games from Netent, no problem. The same way you make your choice. Of course, Netent offers super hot slots and roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, and live casino.

Comfort and economy

The fact that you can play from the comfort of your home is very important. Without getting up from your armchair, or if you are out for a coffee with your mobile phone, wherever you are, the casino is at your fingertips. This, of course, has an impact on your pocket as you don’t have to spend money – and time – to go to a casino. So you’re a double winner.


How many times have you not been in a casino, and the noise bothered you. Or a gambler has overstepped some boundaries and become annoying with every move. When you play online, this does not exist. You have space and time to manage it without interference, and this is more than important, even for the risk you are taking yourself, since you need to be completely focused when you are playing. This is something that can increase your chances of winning.


Yet another strong element in online casinos in which you can legally trust your game in Canada. All games are available 24 hours a day. There are no opening hours. No matter what time of day you open your computer or mobile phone, you will find all online casinos available for play, whether you are looking for a netent game, novomatic game or whatever you are looking for. One option follows another.


Competition is fierce, and where there is competition, there you can find a plethora of games and a wide variety of offers*, so each of the legal casinos in our country will convince the player to choose it. If you take advantage of it properly, by choosing the right offers*, then you can be sure that you start with an extra edge in your hands.


In the game, you are not alone, and this is very important. Customer service is also available 24/7 at most legal casinos in our country. After all, let’s not forget that the Canadian market is very demanding. The player in Canada does not settle for a little, and well done. Yet, somehow we can see every legal online casino having dedicated customer care, capable of solving your every problem and question.

Fast and instant transactions

And here is another strong point in legal casinos in Canada. You will find fast and easy but, above all, secure transactions. With a bank transfer, card or e-wallet, you will be able to transact instantly, fund your account, o withdraw the winnings that have accrued from the activity at the casino you have chosen. After all, the choice is personal and only you will make the decision. We hope we have been as enlightening as possible to make the process of choosing easier and in the right direction.


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