2017 IW Winners

Tradeswoman of the Year - Sudbury

Micheline Gervais

Micheline Gervais

Micheline Gervais is a woman thriving in an occupation that would be considered non-traditional.

As associate and project manager for DST Consulting Engineers Inc., she specializes in providing environmental consulting services for a wide variety of hazardous materials. And, she loves it.

Born and raised in Sudbury, Gervais never wanted a desk job. Following her passion for the outdoors, she studied fish and wildlife management at Collège Boréal and landed a job as a field technologist after graduating.

After starting her career with DST, Gervais’ work shifted primarily to the hazardous materials side of the company, and eventually to a supervisory role dealing with clients.

She’s worked hard become what one of her coworkers affectionately called “the go-to hazmat girl.” “The position just grew along with me,” said Gervais. “When I first started, I was really interested in going fishing and learning more about fish. But I think now, having being exposed to different types of work, I have come to love it.”

A part of her job that Micheline enjoys is training and mentoring junior staff. Gervais helps them start their careers, learn how to work efficiently, and to work safely. In some ways, it echoes her experience when she started at DST.

As a woman working in a male-dominated field, Gervais has faced her fair share of obstacles, but she’s committed to levelling the field.

“I want to show the industry that there doesn’t have to be a difference between having a woman on-site and having a man on-site doing the work,” said Gervais. “It’s something that I find a challenge sometimes in certain situations… I just want to make sure that we all are treated with respect.”

A lifelong learner, Gervais is dedicated to staying up to date on industry trends and training opportunities, including achieving her Certified Engineering Technologist (CET) designation and LEED Green Association certification.

She’s worked towards encouraging a healthy workplace and work-life balance for her coworkers, and is the founding member of DST’s Health and Wellness Committee.

Besides her professional achievements, Gervais is also the proud mother of two boys, Eric and Mathieu.

“She is supportive of other women entering the field and is known at DST for the motto: ‘Super mom, super woman, super tired, yet we will manage to do it all plus more with a smile,’” according to co-worker Amanda Sauermann.

For Gervais, she does it with more than just a smile.

“I love the chase of the job and the biddings and getting a larger project that I can sink my teeth into,” said Gervais. “Those complex projects that come around and I get that feeling of satisfaction.” And, she can’t wait to get started.

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