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Cindy Maki

Cindy Maki

Cindy Maki’s main objective in her business, True Vision, is to awaken a deeper level of curiosity, wonder and adventure in people.

“How do you want life to be? Your day? How do you want your energy best spent?” probes Maki of her clients.

Whether it is relationship building, personal challenges, finding a new career or setting goals for an existing one, the Thunder Bay life coach often asks questions that leave clients digging a little deeper for the answer.

“It is about having a deeper relationship with yourself, so you do know what you want, and you can make a clear choice in a confident manner.”

It starts with a conversation that is shared at a deeper level that stems from wonder and curiosity.

“What do you see yourself doing and how is your energy level best maximized?”

It opens up an environment of exploration where people usually end up saying aloud, “Hey, I never really thought of it in those terms before.”

The process is never intended to be a life-long commitment such as personal counselling sessions. Rather, it is to focus on specific roadblocks in one’s life and to develop a different perspective that brings clarity.

There were few people who understood what life coaching was all about when True Vision opened six years ago under PARO Center for Women’s Enterprise Successful Self-Employment Benefits program. Through networking, pro-bono public speaking and persevering, Maki’s grassroots approach paid off for her clients and herself.

Maki has been hailed as a pioneer in the community, sharing her expertise and support with others in the city and coast-to-coast. Not only has this grown her business, but it has also helped enhance the community’s economic base by offering free workshops to other aspiring entrepreneurs who need a bit of encouragement and wise counsel.

“My excitement comes from the potential that the human spirit is being expressed. I get energized by this.”

Once her clients identify with who they authentically are, the rest, such as careers, relationships and personal growth, falls into place.

“It is remarkable to witness the transformation. It is so beautiful to see.”

Overcoming professional and personal challenges appears to be a prerequisite for top-quality life coaches, and Maki has certainly had her fair share of tragedy. She believes her lot in life is no different or greater than others, however. We have all had to deal with loss, she says, and it is what we do with those emotions that provides growth for the future.

“We don’t get to be a victim,” she says.

Finding the real issue beneath the anger, procrastination, or blame is where Maki’s talents shine. Her compassion, empathy, and intuitiveness provide her with the tools to help clients through their obstacles, although they do all the work themselves. Maki holds up a proverbial mirror for others to look into.

“Do I hold their feet to the fire or do I back off and allow them to have a little space?” she asks herself as she helps them in their passage.

Maki is a great observer of what people are doing and tends not to be the centre of attention in a room. At the same time she’d rather experience life than hear about it through a third party. She’s curious and seeks out the saboteur in all of us, so the authentic self can shine. It really is fulfilling to see the lights go on, she says.

“It is humbling to be part of the whole process.”