2009 Winners

Aspiring Achiever

Caroline Doucet - Sudbury

Dee Adrian

As with all good athletes, Caroline Doucet knows that good leadership is not just about individual successes, but also about committing to helping those around.

If there’s one thing she knows, it’s commitment: this motivated sportswoman, exemplary student and young leader is fully immersed in her student community at Sudbury’s école secondaire Macdonald-Cartier.

The 17-year-old winner of the 2009 Influential Women of Northern Ontario’s Aspiring Achiever Scholarship consistently pours her boundless energy into any number of sports, committees and competitions, often juggling all three alongside school and work.

From basketball to softball and everything in between, Doucet has done it all. She was named the school’s Female Athlete of the Year three years running. This passion has carried her into other responsibilities, including the presidency of the Student’s Athletic Association Council.

“It’s not just about how you play the sport, but how you interact with the other players and communicate with them, work with them to succeed,” says Doucet.

“It’s about how far you can push yourself, your technique, your endurance, and how well you can bring these things together to bring about success.”

However, with the demands of Grade 12 looming large this year, she’s had to scale back her efforts to rowing, tennis, and serving as goalie on the soccer team. She’s found time to participate in fundraisers, francophone linguistic competitions, and the school’s science club.

Through it all, her dedication and perseverance helped her achieve high marks in math and science while working part-time with children as an assistant coach for the Valley East Waves Swim Club, and as a lifeguard and swimming instructor for the YMCA.

To find the strength necessary to successfully manage so many simultaneous responsibilities, Doucet draws inspiration from the many female role models in Northern Ontario.

Forever driving her forward, however, are the words from a former gym teacher who continues to motivate her to this day.
“She taught me that you always have to go for what you want, that you can never give up on your hopes and dreams,” says Doucet.

For now, following her dreams means setting her post-secondary sights on dentistry, a male-dominated profession where Doucet refuses to let gender define her potential.

Of course, she refuses to close the door to other career opportunities as she heads to the University of Ottawa this fall. Her academic prowess has led her to enroll in biomedical mechanical engineering, which allows for the design of prosthetics and artificial hearts as well as robotics for medical applications.